The first CIJ-System worldwide with an integrated axis. Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany.



With CodeRevo-X, products can be coded with nonimpact printing during standstill.

Many production lines are operated in intermittent mode because stopping is required for certain process steps. In these applications it is often difficult to mark the product in the short movement phase with high acceleration and deceleration while the stop time would be sufficient for the printing process. The CodeRevo-X is the first continuous inkjet printer, that already has an axis system integrated to implement the movement of the printhead, thus offering a compact and cost-effective solution to this requirement.


Of course, this system has a simple and modern operation, USB and network connection and thus the ability to retrieve status indicators and production statistics in real time in the companies intranet.


Optionally, the 7 "touch display can be externally mounted in various positions on the device for optimal ease of use.



  • Colored 7" Touch-Display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy handling
  • Compact design
  • Windows CE operating system
  • Remote screen on the intranet
  • Easy data transfer via USB-Stick
  • Standard interfaces (USB, Ethernet)
  • Integrated production statistic
  • Intelligent ink- and solvent management
  • Combine up to 24 Pixel/Text/Grafic 
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ideal for marking during intermittent processes or as a semi-automatic manual workstation


Technical Data

Housing Stainless steel / Aluminium anodized, IP54
Printhead Stainless steel / Aluminium anodized
Dimensions 820 x 379 x 240 mm (W x D x H)
Axis 500 mm traversing distance (other lengths on request) < 1 Second per clock
Environment Temperature 5-45°C
Humidity 10-90% non cond.
Mains 88-264V~ 50/60 Hz
Interfaces Ethernet, USB
Printmodes 5 Dot – 24 Dot Grafik
Printheight 5 – 8 mm
Memory > 300 MByte
Connectors Print-Go, 3 Signal light outputs, 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs (all 24V)