is essential for the quality of the printout. Our inks fulfill all quality requirements and convince through their excellent adhesion properties.


Dye bases Inks

Our dye based inks are characterised through high contrast and good startup properties. To guarantee good running characteristics we have extensively tested and adjusted inks and solvents in our systems. We offer the appropriate ink for various applications which offer good adhesion properties for the specific substrate together with optimized print quality.

Please solely use original Inkdustry inks and solvents in order to obtain a reliable and stable print process.




Pigmented Inks

Our pigmented systems are equipped with 2 stirrer systems in order to process hard pigmented inks properly, one in the reservoir tank and one in the mixtank. Settling of pigments is prevented in standby through a recurring ink care function. This even allows a configuration with a 36µ nozzle.

Our pigmented inks have excellent running characteristics and highest contrast. Also long-term operation will not create any loss of contrast.