If the coding is missing or unreadable, in most cases the product is becoming unusable. An automatic monitoring at this point minimizes down times and production wastage and therefore saves costs.



Does your coding system see what it prints?

Our CodeCenter can be provided with an optional camera system, which permanently verifies the printout. You will get ONE system, that both prints and monitors the quality of the printout. So all configurations are done through one display. The extensive work to build up the communication between two separate systems is also not required

The integration of a camera into our CodeCenter systems allows to get an immediate data comparison of desired and actual printout in one system.




Technical Data

  • OCR Function for Reading and Verifying of variable and static text fields
  • Barcode Function for Reading and Verifying of Barcodes and 2-D Codes
  • Camera is conntected to the USB-Port of the CodeCenter
  • up to 4 Read Cycles per second
  • Results are written into protocol files
  • Output for outfeed of unreadable products at exact position
  • illumination individually upen specific requirements