For production of lottery tickets or license codes, it has to be ensured, that every code is only printed once. Our DataPrint PC Software solves this task with a lot of interesting additional features.



Are you needing an individual Coding on your product?

With our Contunuous Inkjet Printers you can place a code, with which you can individually trace any single product.

The requirements to the content of variable data are very specific, and sometimes can not be created through the usual standard variables of a coding system.

As a solution for this task, we have created a computer software, which can run several printheads and supply these with data at high performance. A protocol is written to track the time and date of each single print, including printhead number and content.



Technical Data

  • Windows 7/8 compatible Data Print Software
  • Processing of CSV- and Tab-seperated Files with up to 10 million datasets.
  • Control of up to 16 print heads
    (CodeCube, CodeCreator, CodeCenter, CodeCenter 2)
  • Up to 1 million datasets per hour can be processed
  • Intermediate Buffer in special machine script allows highest Performance and secureness
  • Protocol of printed data, with logging of time stamp and printhead number
  • Advanced protocolling for analysis of processing possible