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Welcome to the inkjet specialists!

Innovation: InkNet!
Remote maintenance tool made by Inkdustry!

Simply maintain, control or remotely control the machines from the office or home office.

These include the following features:

  • Access to the user interface of the machine
  • Live Logging of all events during production
  • Access to files for updates
  • Live overview of the inksystem
  • Easy handling for the customer
  • Time saving for customer and distributor

Innovation: CodeCam! 
OCR / 1D / 2D Code Reader!

The perfect addition for those who want to add vision to their production line, engineered and produced in Germany.

Production monitoring is getting more and more important. The printer itself can not check, if the printout on the product is correct or not even there.

Already existing cameras have the big disadvantage, that there is no integration to the printer. Setting up has to be done with an PC and to show the result, an extra monitor is also needed.

Therefore we decided to develop our own camera system, which completely integrates to the machine with its own script. Because of that, our camera can be easily added to your existing script.

Inkdustry GmbH


What we do:

We are manufacturers of continuous inkjet printers (mostly called CIJ). These are devices that apply tiny drops forming letters and numbers on packagings, bottles, tubes, etc. using fast-drying inks. Our system range starts with the CodeRevo, a standard coding machine for simple applications, convincing with an affordable price. The CodeCubeXL is our universal printer for most regular applications, beside other features, can work with special scripts and various print modes. If special inks, i.e. special colors, bonding, contrasts etc. are required, then the CodeCreator is suitable. This all-rounder has, among other things, a solvent recovery, which enormously reduces consumption and emissions and is available with an option for pigmented bright colors. The CodeCenter is the right choice in the high-end sector. It is equipped with features such as a Windows compatible terminal, a central text management system that offers the best overview even with hundreds of print texts. It can also be expanded to CodeCenter 2, which has an additional print head integrated. If two print heads are not enough, the CodeCenter M multi-head system can be used, which combines up to 8 CodeCenter 2 (16 print heads) to a single device. In addition to the application of print texts, it is also important to check that the text is correctly applied to all products. For this reason we have developed the CodeCam, which we have seamlessly integrated into our system series. It creates a complete system from a single source, no external computer is required, and there is no need to teach in the font, which makes handling very easy.

Who we are:

We are the Inkdustry GmbH, a team of specialists in the inkjet sector, from Tauberbischofsheim in Baden-Württemberg. Our core competence extends far beyond the general standard. We place particular emphasis on in-house developments and a high level of vertical production depth. For this reason, we have CNC machining centers, SMD pick and place machines, etc.. The production staff is working with computers at every production place which are running an in-house ERP system. All parts are tagged with barcodes and precisely recorded during all assembly steps, building a complete track and trace system. The software team is constantly working on innovations. This includes the InkNet remote maintenance tool, where the customer's devices can connect to a server and the responsible distributor can help with immediate support through remote maintenance. Another new tool is the CodeManager software, which acts as a central text and control center, connecting all devices in the in-house network at a central point.


  • CodeRevo

    The ideal system for standard applications, engineered and produced in Germany. Read More
  • CodeCube XL

    The CodeCube XL is the universal device for most applications. This offers a compact size and the possibility to process Read More
  • CodeCreator

    The CodeCreator includes all state-of-the-art features. New standards are set by simple maintenance through the 4 door concept and the Read More
  • CodeCenter

    The modular concept of the CodeCenter offers unlimited possibilities. Peripheral devices like robots, camera, axes can be controlled by the Read More
  • CodeRevo-X

    The first CIJ-System worldwide with an integrated axis. Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany. Read More
  • CodeCenter OEM

    The CodeCenter OEM is ideally suited for integration into a production machine. The system can be operated using a CodeCenter Read More
  • CodeCenter 2

    The CodeCenter 2 consistently extends the production range. A set top box provides the extension by a second printhead. This Read More
  • CodeCam

    The perfect addition for those who want to add vision to their production line, engineered and produced in Germany. Production Read More
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Inkdustry GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Str. 5
D-97941 Tauberbischofsheim 

email: info@inkdustry.com
phone +49 (0) 9341 - 89 59 55 0
fax +49 (0) 9341 - 89 59 55 22

About us!

We are a team of specialists for the inkjet sector. Our competence extends far beyond the standard, because we feel comfortable especially with special applications!